Core Values

Best people, Best results

Successful law practice depends on the highest quality of professional service and highest ethical standard in providing a service. No institution or entity can offer such thing in an absence of skilled talents. These skills are gained through experience and expertise driven by commitment and dedication of the person. In short, only the best can achieve the result in legal industry. Therefore, the core value of the MDS KhanLex LLP is the BEST PEOPLE who engage our clients and run our business. Knowing that legal industry is dependent on delicate balance of individual talent and team work, MDS KhanLex LLP will always pay high level attention to quality of our lawyers.

Better understanding, Better care

Without knowing the need of the client and specialty of the business it is operating, no law firm can achieve best results. Moreover, lack of addressing concerns of the client and sharing challenge he is facing, no lively relation could be established amongst the client and lawyer. Therefore, the core value of MDS KhanLex LLP is BEING TRUSTED ADVISOR of the client by means of understanding concerns and sharing challenges faced by the client. MDS KhanLex will always adhere needs and demand of the client; and will provide client centered service on timely manner.

Right start, Bright future

The society we will live in tomorrow is shaped by choice and initiatives of the cells of the society including individual and entities. Therefore, any entity shall initiate actions to procure positive changes aimed at wellness and happiness of the society within its main business activity. As MDS KhanLex is one of the leading law practice in Mongolia, our core value is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OUR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. MDS KhanLex LLP will be the pioneer in contributing to our society and will actively participate in building brighter future for all of us.