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Dugerjav advices private companies, state owned companies and Mongolian government in areas of capital markets, securities and legislative policy research. She has more than 30 years of experience and is a reputable lawyer in Capital Markets and Legislative Policy. Her notable assignments included IPO of state owned company (world’s largest coking coal deposit) in London and HK Stock Exchanges; issuance of Asset-Backed Securities and development of secondary mortgage market in Mongolia; introducing of international standards on primary mortgage market; issuance of first-ever 100% insured bond in Mongolia; issuance of conducting ABS; and provides legal opinions. Dugerjav was involved in developing all of the Capital Market related rules and policies, involved in drafting Civil Code of Mongolia (1994 and 2002), and (draft) Mongolian Law on Arbitration. In addition, Dugerjav has published several books, including books on business and financial laws. Her 30 years of professional experience includes working as the Vice-Chairwoman and Standing Commissioner of FRC (2006-2011), as the prosecutor and Head of Department at the General Prosecutor’s Office, as a legal expert at the Ministry of Justice and as the Law Professor and Vice – Dean of the Institute of Finance and Economics. She is a member of Mongolian Bar Association, Mongolian Advocates Association and an independent member of Internal Auditing Committee of Ministry of Justice. She is a co-founder of Mongolian Women Lawyers’ Association and the co-founder of MDS KhanLex LLP. Dugerjav is proficient in both Russian and English.