Prominent Business Lawyers Announce Re-Launch of Their Original Firm

Nationally and internationally known business lawyers Enkhbat Batsukh and Batjargal Gombosuren today announced the formation of their new law firm, KhanLex Partners LLP, focusing on high-stakes transactions. Batsukh and Gombosuren leave their former law firm MDS KhanLex LLP, where they were partners and chairs of Finance/Infrastructure, Corporate/Natural Resource practices, respectively, and have established KhanLex Partners…

Proposed Currency Regulation Act may lead to capital controls

On 19 Oct 2018, the Mongolian Parliament have voted in favor of considering a new Currency Regulation Act. The proposed Act has been developed by Central Bank of Mongolia and is sponsored by several MPs. If adopted, the bill will replace the existing Currency Regulation Act adopted in 1994. The 1994 Act has effectively provided […]

Corporate debt restructuring

In an article published in “Banking in Mongolia” (magazine of the Mongolian Bankers Association), KhanLex Partners discusses key features of “corporate debt restructuring” used in many jurisdictions to help both lenders and borrowers to work out feasible debt resolutions. …

The Law of Mongolia on Pledge of Movable and Intangible Property

On July 2, 2015, Parliament of Mongolia ratified the Law on Pledge of Movable and Intangible Property (the “Law”). The purpose of the Law is to regulate the rights and legal interests of the parties to a transaction involving the pledge of movable and intangible properties. The Law will come into force on 1 March […]